Zero Net Energy - October 20, 2022

  Becoming and remaining a net zero office building Distributed battery systems for utilities: Vermont’s Green Mountain Power California’s PG&E Utah’s Rocky Mountain Power (and Idaho) Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands building designed to generate more energy than it consumes Sunnova wants to build solar/battery neighborhoods that don’t connect to the grid 5 net zero homes https://inh

Zero Net Energy - August 16, 2022

et zero energy city planned for Egypt - producing more energy AND food than it consumes Hotels With Net-Zero Ambitions Net positive hotel being built in Denver, CO h Critique by James Kunstler: Net zero energy renovation at the 2022 International Builder's Show (which is actually net positive energy renovation) Solar Exoskeletons – An integrated building system combining solar gain control with structural efficiency Not solar roads but

Zero Net Energy - March 31, 2022

  Treehouse with "green walls, facades and rooftops, plus water features, natural light, and ventilation strategies to green the traditional office building,” winning an award from the World Green Building Council Decarbonization During Predevelopment of Modular Building Solutions - report on modular low-income housing hat tip and article McDonald’s build UK’s first “net zero” restaurant - including embodied carbon Net zero tiny home on wheels

Zero Net Energy - March 11, 2022

  No waste, no carbon, net zero home Singapore plans a “forest town” Zero Carbon Communities Guide hat tip to Robert McEleney Near net zero factory to residential retrofit in Rotterdam Net zero energy fire station and community hall for Onondaga Nation: "The new firehouse is named Tsha’tho├▒swatha,’ meaning 'where they put it out.' The aspirations of the Tsha’tho├▒swatha were: It will be built by the people of the Nation; It will walk gently on Mother Earth; It will be a vital part of the community and draw the community closer; It wi

Zero Net Energy - January 13, 2022

    Ithaca, NY raises $100 million to decarbonize its buildings 18 story tower gets a deep energy retrofit Editorial Comment:  Greening the Empire State Building (from 2011) WorldG[reen]B[uilding]C[ouncil] Net Zero Carbon Buildings Commitment expands to include embodied carbon WorldGBC Advancing Net Zero Project Telosa - "To create a new city in America that sets a global standard for urban living, expands human potential, and becomes a blueprint for future generations" http

Zero Net Energy - August 23, 2021

  Zero emissions drive would grow U.S. economy - Report shows meeting Paris climate goals would add trillions of dollars in economic growth Zero net energy, waste, and water development in Albany, NY NC net zero home Carbon neutral, net energy positive ecodistrict for Lille, France Toranomon-Azabudai Project - an urban village for Tokyo focusing on “green” and “wellnes

Zero Net Energy - March 24, 2021

    Making a wooden solar insolation visualization  - program to help you make your own  - a collection of Python libraries for simulating the irradiation of any point on earth by the sun Editorial Comment:  possibly a useful tool for those thinking about solar in relation to zero net energy District heating in Sweden World’s largest PassivHaus-certified office building Saudi Arabia to build a zero emissions city Sustainable Housing Ownership Project, Thunder Valley Community Development Corporation Gothenburg